Trichology// Setting the new standard

There are some things in the new Oklahoma City that are prettyyy impressive. One of the businesses that is setting the standard is Trichology. They aim for the highest level at their craft and are just as passionate about an amazing customer experience.

This shoot was years in the making really. I have always thought a high end salon should have all their own work on display. Not just generic high fashion stock photos. As fate would have it, they were always thinking the same thing. We shot in my (ex)Broadway warehouse studio (sniff, sniff, I miss that place), and with the hair and make up stylists from Trichology, the talent level was exploding. All of the cuts were by Trichology stylists, and LJ Hill, the resident makeup artist at Trichology, completed the high fashion vision. Check out these shots:

The models are local, some from Trichology’s client base, and also a few Anthony David models.


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Marek & Casey // OKC Beautiful

When I signed on to do Marek and Casey’s engagement shoot, I had a vision. Knowing their love for Oklahoma City, I wanted to take them to a place I’d actually never been before for a shoot – the old Interstate 40. Sure, sure, it was completely closed down. But what’s a little roadblock-jumping when it comes to getting that perfect shot. Let’s not mention that jumping up on a completely closed interstate is illegal. Sometimes you need to get into precarious situations to get the shots that will be the most memorable.

There is a magic that happens when people buy-in to what is presented to them. Because this is the city they love, they felt comfortable. I got to capture them not only high above the city on a deserted highway but also at their favorite local coffee spot, the pub that will forever remind them of the time they lived downtown, and I even got a few shots of them with their beloved pups. The two of them allowed me to capture their relationship in an un-manipulated way. Their interactions were authentic and not something that I had to manufacture. See them for yourself:

It is so satisfying as a photographer to have big, amazing vision for a shoot and see it all work out swimmingly.


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The Brides of Oklahoma Cover Shoot

I am so honored and excited my photo was chosen for the new cover of The Brides of Oklahoma 5th Anniversary issue. Here it is! Click through for others from the shoot. The back story after the photos…

A huge thanks to amazing ladies at The Brides of Oklahoma and to Kristin for going with the vision and pulling it off famously.
Stylist for the shoot: Anthony Barnhill from The Dragonfly Salon

mouse over images for photographer’s comments

Kristin was such an ideal client. It is so fun when someone hits on so many of the same themes in life that have influenced me and my work. Kristin is an adventurer who moved to to NYC and just found a way to make it. She has traveled around Europe, modeled for fun here in OKC for Meg Guess Couture (where I met her), then moved on to D.C. and met Andy. (Now, you are thinking, “wait, Todd, you moved to NYC and modeled?” No, no I didn’t. But it sounds cool doesn’t it? I am smitten with Europe though…

For this bridal shoot, she wanted to do throwback Hollywood glamour so I scouted and found the First National Building. And she was having her reception at the Skirvin, so that was a perfect fit for the style.

My inspiration was both the throwback glamour of her dress and styling along with a current European fashion look and color. I shoot a lot of fashion photography and love how that influences my bridal shoots. I think it is the perfect opportunity for a bride to feel like they are in a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot with an amazing team involved in making her look and feel her absolute best.


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